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The first save on the voice recorder during GameInformer's Super OverBlood Replay.

This mechanical device produced by Hayano Industries, according to the logo in the upper left of the picture, allows you to save the game when not in danger in OverBlood.


The voice recorder is the only means in Overblood and Overblood 2 by which to save your game. While in the sequel the player starts with it, in the original it is found in an open trunk in the same room as Pipo. There is controversy affilliated with this method, because if the one voice recorder is not found, the player cannot save their game throughout the game's entirety. Finding the voice recorder is also a challenge, in that the box it is in appears to have already been opened, and it is up to the player to understand that there is still an item in there, and not just part of the scenery. One feature the voice recorder had that was ahead of its time for a game on Playstation, was that you could save your progress any time or any place, so long as a timer was not running, or your character in any immediate danger.

Acquiring the Voice Recorder[]

In OverBlood, the voice recorder is located in the same room as Pipo in the second chest of the room. It can only be picked up if Raz is crouching.

OverBlood 2 starts you off with the Voice Recorder in Acarno's inventory already.

GameInformer Super Replay[]

In the Super OverBlood Replay, the GameInformer Staff does not pick up the Voice Recorder until about 3:10 into the second episode.

In Super Replay: OverBlood 2, however, they already have it at the beginning of the game.