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Raz Karcy is the central protagonist of the 1997 video game OverBlood. Voiced by David Keith.


Stuck in a cryochamber in the opening of the game, you control Raz as he tries to uncover the mystery of what's going on in the seemingly empty facility he awakes in.

Shortly after awakening, he encounters Pipo, a maintenance robot, and the two quickly bond as they traverse the obstacles and dangers of Lystra Laboratories.


Raz Karcy is often characterized by his below average intelligence, simplicity and naivety. He does not understand computers very well. Most of the challenges he is presented with are often 'just too complicated', as he relies greatly on his robotic companion Pipo to solve them for him, notably needing him to simply flip a switch. He does however seem to have an exceptional level of emotional intelligence, as he can understand exactly what Pipo is trying to communicate with his simple beeping. Raz can also be characterized by his unnatural attachment to Pipo, as he sometimes compares him against Milly Azray, a female human.

In the sequel to Overblood "Overblood 2" Raz inexplicably has a british accent.