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Raz's helpful sidekick andformer security robot. Voiced by 
Frank Welker


-Pipo joins Raz in the second room of the game, also the same room when the voice recorder/save point is collected. After finding the Mitomola computer chip and inserting it, this playful and very helpful robot comes to life and follows Raz on his journey. Pipo sacrifices his life during a fight with a mutant, after which Raz shanks the mutant with his laser knife. Raz momentarily mourns Pipo and then takes a memory chip from his wrecked body.


-Is Weinerless Steve's only true best friend. -He is always helpful. He's Pipo.

-Raz assumes Pipo's name is Pipo during their first encounter, however it is later revealed by Milly that his name is SR-19.

Memorable quotes concerning Pipo

-PIPOOOOOOOO! (Is not considered the correct quote unless 8 'O's are present. If there are more or less, the person quoting is by law open for harsh scrutiny.)