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OverBlood 2 is an Action Adventure game released on the PlayStation by RiverHillSoft in Japan on July 23, 1998, and in PAL regions by Evolution games on April 13, 2001. It never saw a release in North America.


The date is December 2115 in East Edge City. Christmas is just around the corner. The world is a boiling inferno that would be uninhabitable if it were not for the atmosphere-cooling device that maintains the temperature. The game begins with the protagonist Acarno, the ambitious Junk Blade pilot, arriving at East Edge City Airport after relocating, and upon his arrival a fellow passenger is mugged by a powerful, mutating villain called Kondo. After throwing a mysterious capsule across the floor in his direction, the passenger is taken by Kondo. This is the first point at which the player controls Acarno, and swiftly exit the airport after avoiding people trying to shoot at him. Acarno jumps out of the airport window, falling hundreds of feet into the sea.

After climbing out of the water, Acarno is given the choice to examine the capsule. Upon doing so he hears the name "D-NA" between a lot of static, before the message being played cuts out. The game then turns into a free roam game, giving the player the ability to travel throughout East Edge City. Eventually Acarno will come across a bar named "D-NA", and inquire with the bartender, Raz Karcy (the main character from the first Overblood game), who begins telling him about the passenger who gave him the capsule which lead him to the bar. Raz informs Acarno about a conspiracy involving the global company, Hayano Industries, who is planning to build a ship for the planet's elite to flee the planet and using so much of the Earth's power supply that the atmosphere-cooling devices needed to keep everyone alive would stop working. With time being of the essence, Raz offers Acarno 50,000 credits towards the entrance fee to enter the local Junk Blade race in exchange for helping with his plan to stop the launch.

Meanwhile Kondo reports to his boss, Hayano, about the failure to retrieve the capsule and the interference of Acarno, who Kondo believes is a spy.

Acarno travels to Billboard Island to recruit Navarro Jean, an old colleague of Raz and acquire a map of Hayano's Pagoda.


Reception of the game was generally negative, but higher than the original OverBlood according to most magazines.