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Milly Azray[]

Milly Azray is a female protagonist in Overblood. She meets with Raz Karcy about one third through the game's timeline and accompanies him until the ending. Much like Raz, she too is a clone, that of the original Raz Karcy's wife Milly. She was cloned by Raz Karcy Alpha, as a replacement for his deceased wife of the same name. As such, this may explain why Milly developed an immediate emotional attachment to the clone of Raz Karcy.

Milly spends much of the game contending with the looming shadow of Raz' pervious friendship with Pipo, as she is not as helpful as Pipo was to Raz. Though the player can control Milly, there seems to be nothing to gain in doing so. Her only usefulness is seen in cutscenes by killing a clone, curing Raz and later piloting an airplane to escape the laboratory at the final stage. Though Milly professes her love for Raz in his presence, Raz never does affirm his mutual feelings for her. She is last seen piloting the plane with Raz Karcy to escape the Lystra Laboratory.

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